Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tatting! I did it! I finished the edging & finished sewing it last night. All that's left is to trim about 4 stray threads. I started sewing it on & realized that it would look better if I took out the gathering at the front, sewing the edging on & then regathered it. However, that meant that I was about 6 inches short. So, with the entire apron hanging off my tatting, I tatted another half-dozen or so repeats. And I ran out of thread two or three repeats short. So I had to reload the shuttle, join the threads & then keep tatting. I stayed up a little late to get it done, but it is done! And it looks good. I got a little worried that it was a little dark for the apron but it matches remarkably well. It also shows up very nicely against at least one of the dresses.

I still have thread on the shuttle so I'll probably make ecru butterflies & flowers until it runs out. I might make one of Rebecca's (Tatmom) crosses with the size 80 that I accidentally loaded. I have the pattern & everything else ready to go.

tv: while I tatted last night I watched the taped episodes of Burn Notice & the Closer. They were pretty good. When those ran out, I watched an episode of Pop Up Video that I'd seen before. I really don't like the song Waiting on a Friend, but they also had Touch of Grey, so that was good.

books: Finished Curse of Chalion on the way home yesterday. I pulled out Caught Dead in Philadelphia, one of the books I picked up at the thrift shop to read today. Although I also need to read the Living Greyhawk Greyhawk Ruins information & finished reading Currents. The good thing about Currents, is unless the players radically change, I will be running APL 2 or 4, maybe 6, but 4 is the most likely.

clothes: black ~slippers & slacks (forgot the belt today), burgundy knit shirt, 3 women pendant, ponytail/bun with the same hairstick, silver bracelet, hematite ring, fem/dancer ring, circles ring & silver filigree earrings.

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