Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quiet Night: I read and futzed a little on the laptop. I listened to a couple songs on my iTunes library, too. Turned off tv for a couple hours & missed 15 minutes of Veronica Mars. It was a repeat but I'd missed the 1st airing.

: I read Safe Harbor by Feehan & part of Gruel & Unusual Punishment. The latter is part of a Pennsylvania Dutch-themed/setting mystery series. It includes recipes from the protagonist's inn. This is the first book from the series that I have ever read. It's somewhat odd to see their take on Southern recipes (grits, etc).

clothes: black ~slippers; dark teal or peacock blue broomstick skirt (lined); white, long-sleeved, gauze blouse with lace inserts at waist, elbow & cuff (& a band down center front), faux drawstring neck (it's actually elastic, the drawstrings are purely decorative - good thing because the two wooden beads at the end have a tendency to pull the bow out); light blue, spaghetti strap tank top; wet hair (loose & then braided as it partially dried); moonstone earrings & ring; cabochon moonstone pendant on heavy silver chain; ~rope band; fem ring; pale teal TheChildHealthSite silicon bracelet & hematite ring.

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