Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NO PLUMBER! I got home at quarter to six. At six I shut off the water, in preparation for the plumber. At 8:30 I figured that he wasn't coming, turned the water back on & started my laundry.

books: still reading the Scion: Hero rules. I've created a character, now I'm seeing how her stats apply in the game.

tv: didn't watch much. Couldn't even watch the movie dvd that I put in.

webcomic: Weregeek - where geeks go bump in the night

Computer Game: Stayed up too late playing a new computer game, Escape from Paradise.

clothes: black jeans (last pair), cotton texture check white shirt, black ~slippers, loose hair (It was braided & it may be again), quartz point feather, feather & quartz earrings, fem ring, flower band, hematite ring & clip watch.

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