Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pain! I screwed up my knee somehow. It's been hurting all morning. I've put a cold pack on it, taken pain killers, etc. Oh, and I have a headache. Wheeeee!

I tried to go meet Anitra yesterday to go to the Bead Show at the state fairgrounds. Unfortunately the highway to get there was one lane & my sense of direction is not good enough to figure out another route. Soooo, I came back home & called Anitra so she wouldn't worry when I didn't show.

Chris & I did some shopping in town. We finally found some of those stretchable book covers at Michael's. We weren't sure if they'd fit, so we bought one (on sale, $.50) and learned that yes it does.

Mike called yesterday & we talked for a little about the upcoming Greyhawk Ruins. He's a little worried because his group is a little short on the artillery side (no heavy duty archer & the sorcerer might not be a boom-type).

books: I re-read Second Sight, All Night Long, and the first book in the Immortals Series, Wild Magic. Chris loaned me Furies of Calderon & I stayed up late to finish it.

clothes: yesterday it was pink & burgundy spaghetti strap tank printed with elephants under open weave knit shirt, black jeans & belt, black socks & tennis shoes, hematite ring, black elastic holding a ponytail, triskele earrings & pendant, & Celtic knot ring.

Today it's navy loafers, blue jeans, dappled blue shirt printed with a wolf head, hematite ring, flower band, ~rope band, moonstone & quartz charms necklace, rainbow moonstone earrings & plaited hair.

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