Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Platelet donation - I almost forgot. I was literally yards from work when I remembered. So I turned around & was only about half an hour late getting there. Despite drinking two glasses of milk (fat free & chocolate, but still milk) beforehand, about an hour later I was feeling distinctly ill. I bargained, if the bus was less than 15 minutes late, I'd go in to work. Once I got to work; I'd stay until 2 pm to see if I improved. As it turns out, I made it in okay.

website of the day - celebrity cafe has loads of contests

books: I read Surrender again. Then I went back to Curse of Chalion.

Gaming: We played another zero round last night. I might run this one at the con, too. I also notified the non-RPGA game coordinator that I'd like to run 2 sessions of Ironclaw. On Friday night, it will either be character creation & a short fight, or if there's no new players, I'll make something up. I moved my regularly planned adventure, The Duke is Dead, Long Live the Duke, to Saturday afternoon.

clothes: white cotton texture check shirt, black jeans, belt & slippers, hematite ring, dragon band, moonstone ring, rainbow moonstone cabochon, rainbow moonstone earrings, & ponytail/bun affixed with brown/black wood hairstick.

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