Friday, July 20, 2007

Ye gods what a day! The stuff with today as the deadline is done. I only had to ask 2 more questions before everything was complete. Then I discovered that I had left a vital page out of someone's employment documents. Argh.

The weather is quite different today. It's overcast and it keeps threatening to rain. As it is, every time I've gone out, it's been sprinkling.

Richard & Kathy got the word. They'll be going to get their new daughter at the end of the month. Looks like I'd better find a baby present.

website of the day: 7-year-old article about the globalization of English

Tatting: I ran out of thread so I reloaded my shuttle. With the wrong size. So I have a shuttle full of size 80. No problem, thinks I. I'll just put the variegated purple (my ecru relief) back onto the ball & fill that. No time this morning; I'll do it at lunch. Except, I somehow managed to not pack the thread. *sigh* At least, while waiting in line this morning I got an entire size 80 ecru butterfly done & started on another one.

Books: I finished the player section of Scion: Hero. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this information though.

clothes: navy loafers, khakis, brown belt, blue UNC polo (2005 NCAA, etc), turquoise band ring, fem/dancer ring, hematite ring, magnet & bead bracelet, dyed howlite pendant (I really doubt that it's real turquoise, not that shade of blue), turquoise feather earring & loose hair. I washed it this morning & haven't bothered to do anything with it since.

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