Monday, July 02, 2007

What upset my stomach? Okay, so it wasn't actually my stomach, it was my intestines. Still, it was about 6 long after lunch (at 11 am) so it's doubtful that was the problem. I had soda (diet Coke Plus) & a candy bar between, that's all. I sent Chris & Joe off to eat supper while I 'meditated.' I popped out long enough to get my clothes out of the dryer & then right back in again.

Chris brought back supper for me but by the time that I got to it, it was tepid. I just wasn't up to eating much anyway. I put it in the fridge, planning to have it for lunch today. That didn't work out.

Being up late last night threw me off this morning. Thus, when I had to start looking for my bus pass & work id, I had no real time to find it. At least, not before missing my usual bus. Luckily, my boss is understanding. I caught the next one into work and was only 20 minutes late.

Book crossing: Another one has been picked up. Whoot!

writing: A little bit more done but not very much.

Books: The Plain Old Man by MacLeod is my book today but I also brought The Silver Ghost, just in case.

clothes: black ~slippers, belt & slacks with green/black Harrington steading polo, bloodstone ring, hematite ring, Celtic knot ring, knot earrings & pendant, clip watch & hair up in a ponytail/bun affixed with a brown/black wood hair stick.

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