Sunday, July 01, 2007

Migraine woke me up this morning. So I took my migraine pills, otc, and sat down to read. I want to straighten out my PDA issues but knew that trying to do anything on the computer while I have a migraine is just asking for trouble. The pain has faded to just a headache now and since we leave in an hour, I don't have much time to make it worse.

books: Something in the Water & Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod & Wizard in Absentia. All three are re-reads & the 1st two are mysteries. I was weeding through my books (decided to sell all my Anita Blake books; it's not like I'm following that series any more) and suddenly caught the mood to re-read Wizard. Bought a number of Charlotte MacLeod books at the used bookstore; re-read Vault yesterday & Water today. Today I read Bilbao Looking Glass.

PDA: Am I cursed or something? I'm running the install (again) & I've reached the registration point. I get the 'checking for internet connection' & it stops. I get the 'not responding' & it won't even let me cancel. It looks like the only solution is to shut off the laptop & try again later.

tatting: got a little more edging done; maybe 2 or 3 repeats. wound some variegated purple on another shuttle; probably more butterflies.

movie: went to see the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night. I don't understand the bad reviews. It had a lot of plot & some really good action/fight scenes.

Ran into Garrett & ate supper with him at 5 Guys. I probably talked too much, as usual.

Gaming today, Rosemary's game. Her internet is out (*&%$* Earthlink) & has been since Wednesday.

I had more post but accidentally wiped it out. Oh well.

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