Monday, July 16, 2007

I have a blog entry for this weekend but I haven't loaded it to blogger yet. I will try to do that tonight.

Meanwhile: Another restless night. I have had vivid dreams the last two nights (& fairly realistic). Last night, what I remember, was influenced by reading the Scion: Hero rulebook. What I remember involved getting the evidence to prove a felony against a college student; named Keith or Kevin. I was worried about having all the documents in one place in case he managed to get his hands on them. The other is one of my co-workers getting a new phone; she was showing it off while we were in the lobby of our new building looking at the damage caused by several of the large square panes of glass/windows falling out/destroyed. When she made a call from the phone later, it somehow caused some of the hexagonal windows/panes of glass to fall out. Because of that, I had to fire her.

I know it doesn't make much sense here. But there was a larger story & it was all connected. I just don't remember the details.

Bus Pass: I managed to lose the badge holder with my work ID & my bus pass. I had it when I got home on Friday. I could not find it this morning. I honestly don't even remember seeing it since Friday. I checked the pocket of the jeans that I wore on Friday (& the ones that I thought that I had worn), the laundry room, the couch, my purse, my pack, etc. No sign of it. I will check again tonight.

clothes: black jeans, ~slippers, polo shirt (Geoff), belt (w/ silvertone buckle); dragon band ring, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring, dragon pendant & earrings; ^ plaited hair.

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