Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chris's Game: We finished off the other two trolls (duergar) and the last three kobolds. Our poor dwarf monk, Vertum, was so upset when he woke up (From being -55 hp with a delay death spell), that he hadn't killed a troll. He was happy that he'd killed duergar though.

We backtracked them deep into the mountain. There, in the depths, we found another one of those cities. But it's apparently an earlier effort because it's not as well constructed and in worse shape.

Just as Deriot (Diana) & Vertum (David) were about to retreat from the city full of kobolds & duergar, they saw most of the kobolds being herded out of the city by duergar (dark dwarf) commanders. That's not enough to get even our characters to attack an entire city. But the sight of the Commander of the Imperial dwarf legions (ie our current CO) being dragged into the city in chains is. In two weeks, the next game session, we go try to rescue the commander, without a chance to rest up from our last fight. Kelis (my character) still has two wild shapes left and a number of spells: note - badger is really not the right shape to fight anything big. You just don't do enough damage (ooh, both claws & bite connected, raging, max damage, that'll be 10 points of damage).

Bus Pass:
Still can't find it. Guess what I'll be doing at lunch.

book: finished the character creation section. Now on to the rules section of Scion: Hero.

New Comic: Chivalry & Knavery - the art is really simple but the story is entertaining; somewhat D&D centric.

clothes: black slacks, slippers, belt (silver tone belt), white polo, Celtic knot ring, stone ring, triskele earrings, triskele pendant (new), black glass bead bracelet, & plaited hair with white elastic at the bottom and brown/white/black glass bead elastic at the top.

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