Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gaming: Chris's game last night. We found the commander, with a few diversions. We fought duergar and only one got away. He's outlined in faerie fire so he may not escape entirely. Xiana (Rosemary's character that I have yet to get the name right) proved herself boom-y when she killed 2 of them with arc of lightning followed by ring of blades (which doesn't care if they're invisible - just that they're only 5' away) and then the other 2 guards & 2 trolls finished off with suddenly empowered fiery burst. Boom! I took some damage and wounded a couple guards. That's pretty much it.

book: I bought & read Legacy, book 2 of The Sharing Knife yesterday. I got it for half-price between my discount & the frequent reader card. You know Bujold, she reads fast. I also finally finished the Game Master Emulator. I think I'm going to try using it for a solo adventure tonight.

tatting: I gave up trying to get that knot out. I managed to make a ring anyway, by getting that knot in one of the double stitch/knots. It looks a little lumpy but it's not egregiously noticeable. I have now started the bottom leg of the cross.

Weather: Thunderstorms last yesterday. I managed to get home just as one was starting. I need to check to see where we are on the rain gauge. We may be only 3" behind now. I can't find that information but the lakes vary from 2" to 26" below full.

clothes: black ~slippers, jeans & belt, Vorkosigan black/brown polo, silver clip watch, flower band ring, hematite ring, Celtic Knot ring, triangle triskele pendant, knotwork earrings, & ponytail bun held with black hairstick with brown bead.

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