Monday, June 29, 2009

Me Love AC
Yesterday's game got cut short when Rosemary's AC froze up. It was still cool, but it was dripping water into her closet. Those who could, stuck around 'til it got repaired. Luckily, it was under warranty so she didn't have a huge bill.

It's really good that she got it fixed. It's supposed to hit mid-90's again today.

Unfortunately, it took long enough that it meant that supper was at 9 pm and we did not get back until almost 11 pm. No stop off at B&N to pick up my ordered book. Ah well, these things happen.

The game was going okay. We stopped right before another fight started. It's going to be an ugly fight. They know that we are coming and they include a very ugly looking undead.

Saturday night I went to Quail Ridge Books. Jaye Wells was there, giving a talk on being published. I had mentioned it to Toni on Thursday so she & Rick were there, too. It was a good talk, very interesting. It was also nice to meet Jaye and I got her to sign a copy of her book for me.

Afterwards, Chris & tried a new restaurant, The Flying Biscuit. If Jaye was still in Raleigh, I would have recommended that she try it (assuming that she had not already).

I've gotten the letters written to my aunts, niece & namesake. Now to get them mailed. I used a pack of notecards with quilts on them.

I picked up two new manga on Sunday (before gaming). Since they're doing all that roadwork in front of FE (the road was completely blocked one day), Rick (different one) has had a a bad week. The one doesn't have anything to do with other but it made me glad that I paid for everything in my bag.

Plans are underway for the weekend. LFR and cook-out at Rosemary's on Saturday. I'm running so I need to finish reading the mod. It's low-level and D&D 4e is really easy to run, so I'm not really stressing about it.

Poor Snead's Ferry (small Onslow Co town at the coast). They don't have enough money in their budget to pay for a fireworks show this Independence Day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Odds & Ends
Triangle Tatters met on Saturday. We had two new people; new to us & fairly new to tatting. They're in an on-line tatting class and were thrilled to find local tatters. I finished the brown edging (I ran out of thread) & finished the tatting on Melinda's bookmark. I need to do the finishing work though; tending loose edges, etc. Luckily, since it's butterflies & flowers, that just leaves the ends on the flowers to hide.

I started something new, the grape heart from Martha's Tat's Amore. I have some lovely variegated purple, pale purple & pale green in size 80 to use. I'm on the 3rd ring & I've made 2 mistakes on it. The first mistake was from not reading the pattern closely enough. The other mistake is from not paying enough attention. I haven't closed the ring yet, so I just need to untie the knots & re-tat it, correctly.

I'm going to miss next month's meeting at Katie's house. I'll be in Georgia. Oh well.

I finished book 8 of the Stephanie Plum series. They really are good.

I'm reading the book that Richard & Kathy gave me for my birthday: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I'm going to need to re-read Pride & Prejudice after this. And possibly Seducing Mr. Darcy.

It's been hot, seasonably so for the season, around 70F at 7am and reaching almost 90F in the afternoon. We haven't had more than scattered showers, though.

Dad had an appointment in Durham last Thursday, so I met Kathy & him at the mall with the Our History display. I showed it to them, especially 'my' images. We had Chinese food for supper & then they headed home. He liked his Father's Day present: Voices of Valor. When I called him on Sunday he said that he's been flipping through it and really enjoying it.

Next month, Diana and Colt move to Tennessee. I'll miss them. She might, depending on her schedule, be able to tele-game once in awhile.

Also next month, Richard is being sent to Japan for some training thing. I told him that I was already starting my shopping list. I was kidding. But if he brought a tatting book back for me I wouldn't say no to it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning Oddities
So humid that my glasses fogged, after I'd been walking for a couple minutes, not as soon as I stepped out of the AC.
Someone took out a light pole, and the front end of their SUV, near my house. I don't think anyone was hurt because I saw two people filling out paperwork for the tow truck.
The bus windows were open and it was so humid that water had condensed on the handles and grips.

I had a very annoying phone call. The guy was so busy telling me what he wanted me do to help him that I couldn't get a word in edgewise about what I could do for him.

I got Dad's present wrapped. I suddenly realized that we had no non-kiddie/non-Christmas paper in the house & no bag the right size. I bought him a book about D-Day, it includes two cd's of oral histories of the day. I hope that he likes it.

One of the IT guys reads romances, I think. He recognized the title of the Krentz book I just finished re-reading. Or he mistook it for something else. One or 'tother.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wildlife sightings
I don't know who was more startled this morning, me, or the rabbit running towards me. It was just hopping along the sidewalk towards me. As it neared me, it veered off into the trees.

My follow-up doctor visit was today. Not fun or comfortable but unless there's something wrong, I'm done with that for a year.

Dad has a doctor visit of his own on Thursday. He's going to be in the area so we'll have supper here in this area. I want to show him the display, my 15 seconds of fame.

I managed to scratch my left thumb on the joint, enough to draw blood. It really, really stings.

I'm about halfway round on my scrunchy. I had a long wait at the doctor's office. I showed someone else waiting; she had never seen anyone tat before.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I feel sick but my thermometer disagrees
I woke up with chills and sweats and full-body aches but when I measured my temp a few minutes ago, I was a comfortable 98.5F. So apparently, I'm a hypochondriac. Of course, I did take some aspirin. I'll call Rosemary and ask how comfortable she feels about~sicky at the table.

My 15 seconds of fame

I finally saw the season finale of Dollhouse. It rocked.

The DVD player decided to give me fits yesterday. I wanted to watch an episode of The Shadow (a movie serial, I think) but it skipped around, making an hour+ movie about 5 minutes long.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Been Very Busy
Animazement (manga & anime convention), ConCarolinas (sci fi/fantasy/speculative fiction/media/gaming convention), weekend with mom, and everything in between.

Animazement went pretty well. I ran three games of Jadeclaw, played one and played Qin. Chris bought me a skirt as a slightly early birthday present. It's a great skirt; floor length, double ruffle, fully lined, high-waisted, zipper closure on the side, cinch lacing in the back & double drawstring in the back for a faux-bustle. I now have the right skirt to make my Susan Sto Helit costume. I just need blouse, vest, lock of black hair & to make an omega cameo pin.

Memorial Day we went to see the Star Trek movie and then to Red Lobster for my birthday. It was a nice time.

It was a short week as I took Friday off to go to ConCarolinas. I played Witch Hunter & Living Forgotten Realms all weekend. I started a variegated purple scruncy, perfect for sleep-deprived tatters. I got to see Nina & Gwen again (saw them at Animazement). Mitra made it to the convention, too and we got a little time to talk.

It was a beautiful hotel and while it was expensive, they treated us like we were paying a lot of money, too. Rosemary needed foam pillow and mentioned it as we were checking in. When we reached the room, there was someone arriving with the pillow at the same time. That's good service.

I was so tired when we came home that I went directly to sleep. Alas, that means that I missed a phone call that I was expecting.

I spent the evenings looking at laptops online. Thursday I checked the options locally and Friday I bought a new laptop. It was more expensive that I expected, but I bought the insurance and a couple software programs. Alas, I caved, I bought MS Office. *weep*

Saturday I drove down to see Mom but she decided to put off doing the laptop thing. She wouldn't even go with me to look at ISP options. I left her with the assignment to look up her options and get one before I go back in July.

Last night was our Mutants & Masterminds game. We continued with the 2 new players. They will be an interesting addition to the game.

I have been tatting the brown edging that I started at the Harmony Hall Heritage Day. I'm almost out of thread. What I have left is on a thread winder. So I need to unwind it and add more to the shuttle. I decided to put that off and returned to the scrunchy.

I've had three meetings this week at work. Now here's the scary part. All three have been productive &/or useful. Frightening, huh?

Yesterday, we had a celebratory lunch for Angela. She turned 50 on Sunday. I gave her some coffee from Boca Java and Tommy baked her a black icing cake. It was nummy.