Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tendonitis sucks

Back in February I started have shooting pains in my right wrist. It got so bad a couple times I couldn't even sign my name (luckily, the store knew me and accepted my SO's signature). But I couldn't tat, knit, type, write, or do much of anything. I could read, but with my current eye issues (I can read better without my glasses but I'm nearsighted so I can't see much else without them), I couldn't even do too much of that.

It was frustrating. But I wore a brace or elastic bandage on my wrist. I stretched my tendons and eventually my wrists improved. I can now tat for more than five minutes in a row and I can hold a pencil. I still need to be a little careful, but it's better.

Of course, other stuff happened. My camera card died. A very nice person sent me a new camera, I just had to buy a card for it. And the screen promptly died. My car's steering has gone wonky. That's going to be expensive.

It's not all bad. We went to Savannah, Georgia for Gnome Con and spent some time touring the city. We found this great little shop (our shopping plan: 'hey, we've never been down this street, I wonder what's down here?') with scented soaps and knick-knacks. I found a couple of fans for myself (summer is coming, eventually) and sample sized Tiger Balm for my co-workers.

I also went back to the Frayed Knot and bought some yarn (grey and purple) to make a cowl for myself. I bought some beads from Perlina, the bead shop in back, and made 2 bracelets, one for me and one for R. I took a picture of hers, using my cellphone, so it's not a very good picture.
I mis-typed. It's a horrible picture.

My SO and I have nearly caught up on our recorded shows and we finally got a new remote. One that reacts when we press the button instead of one that insists I hold it down for five minutes, or press it repeatedly and then it still doesn't work.

My mom is doing much better. Her arm is out of the splint and she is recovering use of her arm.

I went to the spring meeting of the regional lacers chapter of IOLA (International Order of the Lacers?, I should look up what the acronym stands for, shouldn't I?). It was nice. I'd never been and I made some new friends.

I'll try to keep up a bit more, now that I can type again. But I make no promises.