Friday, November 18, 2011

Um, Been Awhile, Huh?

Didja miss me?

Okay, what should I cover?

Here's a hankie edging I'm making: Well I was going to show you, but I'm having trouble adding pictures today.

I mailed off the commissioned bracelet. I hope she likes it.

Tomorrow, I'll be running the Beginner Box for Pathfinder. Hopefully, I'll be able to run by the sewing machine place and drop off my sewing machine to get fixed.

I was at Mace and I signed up to run a Spirit of the Century game (Around the World in 80 Murders) & an Ironclaw game (Me and Vittorio, Down by the Graveyard). But no players showed up. For the Ironclaw one, it was the 1st session on Friday & at least two players just didn't get to the con that early. A 3rd one misread the schedule and thought the game was Saturday. Oh well. It happens. I can try to run them at another con, then.

I've been watching Once Upon A Time and Whitechapel. Radically different shows, but both have kept my interest.