Friday, May 29, 2020


I'm still alive and well. My family is well. One cousin did get sick and go to the hospital. But he came out. With an oxygen tank, but he did come home. I haven't been able to go see mom, but I have done some video calls. Not as good as an in-person visit but better than nothing. Mom still forgets to plug in her phone/charge it.

I've been working remotely, at home, since mid-March. I have a loaner laptop from work with the software I need. I miss seeing my co-workers. I even miss my commute, somewhat. I miss that time of 'not at home, not at work' time to read or tat, or whatever.

I've been doing some knitting and I've sewn a couple masks. They're reversible, which is nice. I also made ear savers (strips of knitting with buttons) to go with them. I loaned my sewing machine to my neighbor so he could sew some masks.

I did a little bit of retail therapy. I bought a large fine gauge loom (25% off sale) so I can resume my Buffboo (bison silk & bamboo yarn) Hydrangea shawl (pattern by Renee Van Hoy). I bought a cartridge ink pen.

Been playing Blue Rose. My character, Nahla Jossa, had the goal of becoming a travelling noble (1 part circuit judge, 1 part tax collector, and 1 part Crown troubleshooter). Instead, she was made a landed noble (1 step above a travelling noble). Her district is smaller and more concentrated. And that's mostly because of 2 circumstances. 1 is her part in taking a refugee camp and turning it into the beginnings of a small town. The other is because of her contact with a cave-dwelling cannibal civilization and negotiating a peace. There's now an ambassador to them (not her, she doesn't speak the language) and not a war. Apparently, more responsibility is her reward.

Last session though, it was (giggles) all about another PC's family. I got to watch as that player got to navigate family dynamics and secrets and stuff (most of which my PC has no idea about). And another player had a (in character) minor meltdown as stuff from his past came up and bit him. In comparison, my PC's family life is drama-free. And HER brother-in-law just ran out on her sister.

My current scarf project is a feather and fan pattern. I started in black but I ran out so I switched over to red. In theory, when I'm done, it will be a mostly black scarf with a red block.

I made hats this past winter. I just need to donate them before it gets cold next year.

I knitted a couple scrubbies (polyester ~eyelash yarn and cotton yarn knitted together.

I just wanted to make a post. If anyone is reading, I wanted you to know I'm okay.

I started tatting a doily.

I also knitted this shawl for myself (Sweet on Ruffles by Renee Van Hoy)