Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Knitting and Tatting and Holidays

Valentine's day did not go smoothly this year. It seems someone stole my present. CD ordered it, and he showed me a picture, but it was (according to tracking) delivered the Saturday before the 14th, but we didn't see any sign of it. And I told CD what I want to get him (a novelty t-) but I couldn't remember which one. We both liked Mordor Fun Run, but there was one he commented on and I couldn't remember which one. However, he did bring some some chocolate covered strawberries and a box of chocolates from a great candy store downtown.

And half-price candy day was a disappointment. The shelves were so bare.

I went to see Mom. She fell out of bed and broke her arm. Her right arm again, but this time it wasn't her elbow. And she's somewhere they'll handle her food, and PT, and pain  meds. I bought her a wedge pillow. She could use one of those stand up recliners, but something would have to come out of her apartment and I can't do that on my own. The wedge pillow, I could do.

The weather was lousy, heavy rain at times. But at least I made there and back safely. We didn't do much. We mostly sat around. I got her dvd player to work again and put in a copy of Last of the Summer Wine. She loves that show and even if it's an episode she remembers, she enjoys it.

I submitted my teacher application to Palmetto Tat Days (thank you, TotusMel). We'll see if it's one they will use or not.

I did more tatting for quilt squares.

The pink squares I made earlier have gone AWOL. I've made more but I need to get them in the mail.

I wanted an instant gratification knitting project, so I made a little bag. It's got a texture; garter zigzag, but the thread colors completely hide it. Ah well.
The weather is really warm; I didn't bother with a jacket today. And  yesterday was so foggy, I turned wrong on the way to my park and ride.

And I have to say something about Parkland, FL. If I am shot, please feel free to politicize my death for gun control (let CDC study gun violence, mandatory waiting periods, history of domestic violence being a bar to gun purchases, etc).

And remember these kids who are survivors are the same age the kids from Sandy Hook would be if they'd survived. And they'll be old enough to vote soon.

Autumn Breeze was sick so we skipped our usual date. We had it last night instead. It was lovely.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

More Tatting

Our group demo'ed at Tri-Tatters on Saturday again. It was very cold so not many people came by, but we did get a gent whose grandmother tatted. A bit later two women stopped to talk to us. Then a group of young women visiting the US on a cultural exposure (or something) trip. Some of them talked to us, too.

And he had some of her work and her shuttles. I went through the quilt blocks for Palmetto Tat Days scholarship quilt to decide on what tatting I'll do for them. I've only done one so far. I have another three blocks and one strip. I realized the strip is much longer than I realized. Then I found an edging I'd done ages ago that's perfect for it. Yay! I added a contrasting motif on one end as 'anchor.' I need to block the edging though. Really need to block it.

I got a good start on a gecko (Jane Eborall's pattern). I finished it on Sunday. I did a flower (from for another block. I have an idea for another motif (from Jane again), but I need to clear my shuttles.

Mom fell and possibly fractured something this morning. I may end up running to see her tomorrow instead of work. I will call her facility tomorrow and see if I can find out more.

Deadlands on Thursday is off. GM has to take care of some personal stuff.

My date night with Carry is canceled, she has the flu.

It's been a long day and I'm off to bed.