Friday, April 30, 2004

Today's outfit: black loafers, black slacks & belt, multi-colored (purple, blue, green, plum, violet, cream, tan, & rust) silk blouse with flower ring, spoon ring, MoP pendant & Love stamp earrings. I washed my hair this morning so it's loose until it dries. It has dried but I can't find what I did with the purple hair sticks I brought to work with me.

Supper last night was more expensive than I expected but we all talked for a long time. The sushi was good, but then I knew that Yamazushi had good food. It was nice to see Kathy again. It has been months. We've seen Richard more recently, but only because he's come to gaming. We asked him if he was planning to run on Saturday the 8th, but he didn't really answer.

I did not get any packing done, not unexpectedly, so I will rush home tonight to change clothes, pack & drive to White Oak. It's 2+ hours & I'm not looking forward to it. This is especially true since I tried to re-tape my Grrrl tape & screwed it up.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I've lost my small crochet hook, the pendant one. Well, crap! That means I have to get the other one & its longer length is very inconvenient for portable tatting.

Still trying the 19th century patterns. Not going well. Buttonhole stitches,....pbbbbbbt.

Today's outfit: black boots, black button down skirt, white silk brocade shell, cream & tan checked silk jacket, rainbow moonstone earrings, moonstone ring, silver band, onyx ring, tri-moon moonstone pendant & hair in a half bun/ponytail, affixed with a bone (faux ivory) hairstick.

I mailed the letter to Nick today. Maybe Nadia (my rpga living greyhawk character) will finally be a knight.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Today's outfit: black slacks, black half-boots, black belt, grey bib-shirt with Mother of pearl snaps, amber earrings, pendant & ring. My hair is loose, I may braid it later.

I'm still reading the book on 19th century tatting that Anitra loaned to me. I'm in the 19th century patterns section. I tried to work on one yesterday. Using buttonhole stitch instead of chains is very different. I think I'll try it again, substituting chains for the buttonhole stitches.

I have a daisy in the vase on my desk. Ginny, a former co-worker, gave it to me. I happened to see her on my way in. Her daughter got married Satureday & this flower is one from the decor. Since I didn't have time to gather any wildflowers this morning to replace the dying ones, I'm extra glad that she gave me that flower.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yesterday's outfit: grey polo, black slacks, black loafers, celtic knot pendant, celtic knot post earrings, onyx band & silver band plus braided hair.

Today's outfit: blue chambray shirt, navy slacks, brown loafers, carnelian band, silver band, celtic knot earrings (small dangle), ring & pendant, flower ring & braided hair.

Friday I went directly to visit Steve & Anitra. I met the new redtail hawk and identified the raptor I'd seen Monday as a peregrine. Anitra & I talked until late, so I slept on their couch. Anitra loaned me her book on 19th century tatting & a set of Colonial style clothes. Steve gave me an editor's copy of Dawn Rising.

I wasn't feeling 100% so I postponed my massage session. Chris & Rosemary came by briefly, from Bark around the Park, on their way to a Living Greyhawk game (that I'd already played). Then Mike & Kelly showed so we drove to Charlotte. We ran into a little traffic on the way, plus stopped for supper & reached Chantells & John's apartment a little later than we'd planned. We, plus Jeff, ate & talked before beginning the reading part of Polidori (sp). I read first & it was received well enough. It's a very incomplete story, more an introduction really. We finally left about 11 pm & dropped Kelly off at 2 am. I had slept for the past 2 hours but stayed awake to talk to Mike & keep him awake until he dropped me off at home.

Sunday, Mom stopped by on her way home from visiting her sister near the coast. She caught me up on a bit of news and then left herself. The first gamer for the 2 pm game showed just as Mom left. We played until 8:30. Partially as a result of that, I neglected to make a very important phone call. I did not call the Durham Co Gov't about jury duty. I did not even remember it until I saw the note in my dayplanner this morning.

I made three wrong turns on the way to Red Cross this morning. None of them were irreparable, just annoying. I still made it there by my appointment time at 8:00 am. They had problems finding my veins, as usual. So I didn't get up from the chair until 10:30 am. I did get to watch Zorro the Gay Blade. That's one of my favorite movies.

I returned to work at 11 am & went almost immediately to lunch. I met Allen & Metra outside. I'd seen them as I'd gone into to work. It was nice to see them, especially as I may not see them again until next semester.

I wrote a letter to my Aunt in Florida yesterday. I also started one to my mom. I need to finish hers. I also need to work on a present for Squirrel. I'd like to make her a blue-grey kitsune, with 2 tails. But I may not have time.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today's outfit: pale grey 'Dendarii Free Mercenaries' polo, white/green/blue plaid gauze skirt (ankle length+), black loafers, spoon ring, silver twisted band, silver hoops earrings, moon & star MoP pendant and loose hair (I washed it this morning & I hesitate to put it up until it's at least mostly dry). Unfortunately this skirt doesn't have pockets, (what gauze skirt does?) so I can't wear my pocket watch.

I managed to get most of the personnel stuff done yesterday. Now I'm catching up on Leave records. I've learned that I only have about 5 minutes AWL to make up (that 's Adverse Weather Leave). Since Ashley is sick she's not here today or tomorrow. I'll just leave a note on the door and take a 55 minute lunch today. Then tomorrow I'll decide if I'm going to use slightly less vacation by taking a short lunch.

I finished re-reading Star Princess yesterday. It's not a great book, the world building is, ahem, not scientifically sound. Salt is rare throughout the galaxy except on earth? I just can't see sodium chloride as rare. But it's still an entertaining story.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This weekends outfits: jeans & assortment of t-shirts, tennis shoes & jewelry assortment.
Yesterday's outfits: black faux-suede slacks, black polo shirt, black loafers, onyx & silver earrings (new pair), mother of pearl & silver pendant, silver band, & braid.
Today's outfit: khaki slacks; Vorkosigan brown acid-washed polo shirt; brown loafers; yellow amber pendant, earrings, rings; silver band & assorted amber bead bracelet, & bun/ponytail w/ curvy 'bone' hairsticks.

The weather apparently decided to skip straight from late winter/early spring into late spring. Today's morning low (62F) was last Wednesday's high. I am not very prepared. I still have all my turtlenecks out. I have to dig out my summer weight blouses, short sleeved shirts & light weight skirts & slacks. I have to pack up my sweaters, turtlenecks & most of my sweatshirts. I can probably keep my vests out. The office has AC and is often chilly in the summer.

I finished The Dreamland Chronicles: In the Net of Dreams, When Dreams Collide & Woman of His Dreams. 3 books in one volume, it was very good. There were a lot of puns & little pokes at classic fanasy & sci fi. Like 'they went to Smith's Dock.' If you've never heard of Doc Smith, that line means nothing. If you have, then you get a quick snigger.

The con was great. I talked to Jill for quite a while again. She's the con organizer's wife & she's really the co-head of the con. I did not get to talk very much to Keith but I did see the people at the Game Griffon again. They have a daughter now! She was a preemie but she's healthy & doing well. I met new people, Darlene & Keith who just moved down from Indiana (they know Doug Wood), owners of the dachsund 'Rogue' & Doug, (friend of Keith B. & Carol) who lives in Hickory, plays the 1/2 orc barbarian Budd. I did not get a chance to use the pool. Chris & Rosemary went Friday evening & I was just too tired. I went to sleep about 9 pm.

Duncan was sick most of the weekend but the pepto bismol helped. He was a very sick little doggy on Saturday though. Rosemary had to walk him every hour & even that wasn't enough. So Chris & I went to Wally world after our games Saturday night (C&R played 'Sterich Burning' while I played the interactive) and got the cleaning supplies & the medicine. He was feeling fine on Sunday when he met Rogue.

Reed died, again, for the 3rd time. Nadia really died but the gm let her be at -9 hp & I made the stabilization roll. That gave other characters time to reach her & heal her. *phew* It was very close. So Nadia leveled to 9th level but Reed is 5th again.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Warmer & sunny today. Is spring finally here? I certainly hope so.

Today's outfit: navy blue jeans, purple t-shirt w/ female villains of Disney, black leather vest (which I may remove before I leave the house), black tennis shoes, 3 fem pendant, copper ring, silver flower band, violet bead & 'silver' metal earrings, & my pendant under my shirt. Navy belt currently hidden by my vest & my hair is in a braid.

I tried to use Nair today. 1) It did not remove the hair & 2) I had a reaction on my knees that makes my jeans a 'trifle uncomfortable'. I had to shave my legs in addition to the Nair. I'll be wearing a bathing suit at some point this weekend (love those indoor pools & arriving early) so I wanted to be shaved. I know, shaving is a personal choice & I choose to shave.

I still have packing etc to do so I will post again on Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It got colder by the time I went to lunch than it had been when I came to work. Someone please explain that to me. And also tell me when spring is really going to get here?

Today's outfit: brown half-boots, khaki slacks, brown belt, flowered (blue & green) knit shirt (it's not a t-, it has buttons), silver band, fem ring, lapis lazuli posts (which is missing on my left, great 1st time I wear these & I lose one), & hair in a ponytail with glass beads (2, brown with white dots). I'm glad I wore my coat today.

I returned Joe's battlemat today when he picked me up for lunch. We went to Charlie's, a Chinese restaurant on Elliott Rd. I overate but the Gen. Tso's chicken is very good there. Ditto the egg drop soup.

I have stopped one of email lists & set my email on vacation, starting tomorrow. Now I need to go to yahoo & put a stop mail on all my lists. Wheee.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I feel better today. Yesterday was so rainy (we need it though) and I felt pretty blah (long list of reasons). Today one of those reasons is gone & I have enough distance from the others that they don't affect me as much. I forgot (for the second day in a row) to put in earrings this morning. Same pair, too.

Yesterday's outfit: white blouse w/ wide collar, calf-length full black skirt, black boots, marcasite necklace, spoon ring, fem ring & pocket watch. Had my hair braided most of the day.

Today's outfit: pale grey turtleneck, red brocade vest, black slacks, pocket watch, black half-boots, brown belt (covered by vest), large silver chain, carnelian ring, fem ring, silver band & red kid's chopstick to hold the half-bun/half-ponytail.

I've been reading the Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts. I found a few deity names from the encyclopedia of mythology, or should I say, one encyclopedia. I'm sure that there are others.

Lots to do, gotta go.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Today's outfit: red cotton sweater, khaki slacks, cream trouser socks, brown loafers, Celtic knot jewelry, silver ring band, carnelian ring & 2 'bone' hairsticks in a small bun (with rest of hair loose).

Was sick part of the week & busy the rest of the week. I am still trying to get one more player for both games tomorrow, with no luck.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Today's outfit: rose turtleneck, black slacks & half-boots, black vest decorated with paint appliqued calico roses (shades of pink, rose, grey & green), watch chain across the vest, spoon ring (not silver, the coating is starting to wear through on the band), silver band, silver & black dangling earrings, Mucha inspired silver pendant on black leather cord (present from Germany), & my hair is loose.

It's been a confusing day. I planned to leave at quarter til today, but I wanted to wait until the person I'd contacted about her lost keys came by to get them. She got them & now I'm going to leave. Good night, Gracie.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Important note to self: volunteer opportunity, proofreading for Project Gutenberg
Today's outfit: black slacks, black half-boots, white turtleneck, striped red/black/ecru woven vest, spoon ring, silver ring, green amber ring, silver bracelet w/ 3 pieces of amber: yellow, orange & green, silver necklace with 5 pieces of green amber, & my hair in a plait until it dries a bit more.

I've read 2 of the 3 books I bought Tuesday evening. They were quite good. I've started the 3rd one.

I made 'not fried' chicken last night, plus mashed potatoes & peas. I skinned the chicken drumsticks, dipped them in milk & then coated them with the oven fried coating. They baked for 50 minutes. I made the potatoes from a mix, with milk, water & butter. The peas were frozen. So it was a fairly easy supper to make.

I've tried to think of a good April's Fool joke but I can't just think of one. The only thing I've thought of is posting some 'myth' races to the Ironclaw list. I've made stats for the jackalope, drop bears & I thought of something else but forgot.