Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blog vs. Sleep, Guess Who Won?

This past weekend, Fantasy Gamer Conclave went really well, They raised lots of money for the NC Autism Society. I ran Silverhex Chronicles in all three of the slots, as planned. The first table only had 3 people, including a GM from one of the other tables. But they made it through 5 of the 6 Quests and had fun. The next table was in the evening, and we started playing around 7:30. We got through 2 Quests, finishing around 12:15 or so in the morning. But great fun was had by all, It was a group of teens and two fathers.

The next morning C & I tried to get to the Conclave early enough to make it to tea but we just missed it. They sold out, as usual. I ran for five more people in the afternoon. One of them was playing somewhat reluctantly. Her boyfriend had pretty much pleaded with her to at least give it a try. Turns out, she really enjoyed it. Since I had people who had either never played before or had not played in a long time, we played much slower. We got through 2 quests in four hours. Still, the important goal was accomplished, people had fun.

However, I was exhausted. I did not manage to get to bed early Sunday night as I had planned. Monday night, we went out to supper. I., a college friend, was in town visiting her parents. We got together with C, R, DR, and DC to have supper at a noodle place. The food was delish but I think their AC was out. It got quite warm. Nonetheless, we had a great time and walked down the street to find some coffee or ice cream. We ended up at the Irish pub. They were having trivia night, which got a little loud but we managed to keep talking anyway.

I enjoyed the flan at the noodle place, but when we got to the pub I wish I'd saved room. They had some delicious looking desserts. Eventually, I headed home, about an hour later than I should have. To make it worse, I ran into construction traffic and didn't get home until quite late (for me).

Cute website: you can get pictures to inspire more words. Right now, it's set to new kitten picture every 100 words.

I finally got my title to my Saturn straightened out. I've called PBS to send someone to tow it away. They'll auction it off. The company handling the auction gets 25% and PBS gets 75%, and I get at least $500 tax deduction. If my car sells for me, I'll get that amount for a tax deduction. And it does have practically new tires, steering pump, etc.
Can you spot the bee?

The edging, as promised

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gosh, it's hot

I made my supervisor very happy on Friday. He asked for my help with a spreadsheet. It wasn't hard, just tedious and time consuming. I managed to get it done before I left on Friday. I wasn't at work yesterday, so I wanted it done and not have it waiting for me when I got back.

Rose after a thunderstorm
Survived the storm
Saturday, CD, RG and I drove north to Maryland. The drive up was horrendous. The 5 plus hour drive took about 7 or 8 hours. That included a heavy storm, one so dark I couldn't read at 3 pm in the afternoon. It also included stop and roll traffic from Richmond to DC. Ugh.

On the bright side, I finished my edging and got it sewn onto my wrap. It looks..fabulous. I need to get a good picture of it.

Left is almost new ball of thread, right is the one used for edging, started new

Our friends MM and B were having a 'meet our babies' picnic on Sunday. B's sisters organized it. They did a great job, food, decorations, drinks, etc. The only problem was one they couldn't control; the weather. It was hotter'n Hades on Sunday. We were under a shelter, so we had shade at least. There was an occasional, welcome breeze. I wore my lightest weight skirt and wielded my fan. The twins are a couple months old now and quite adorable. RG spent most of the picnic holding Baby D.

After the picnic, we joined MM and B for supper. I helped B by feeding Baby C. I was somewhat alarmed because MM just told me what to do (here's their bottles if they need to be fed, here's the musical mobile) and then LEFT ME! Lucky, B came to my rescue. She showed me how to hold them and I fed Baby C and burped her as she went to sleep and B fed Baby D until she went to sleep, after burping.

We had a great supper and conversation. B made one of her wonderful pies. It was a fresh berry pie, with the berries just picked the day before. She made the whipped cream with honey and marscipone. Oh so tasty!

We drove home on Monday. It wasn't quite as bad but it still took some time. The book I'd packed to read in the car on the way disappointed me. We had to stop for a bathroom break and luckily the place was one of those old fashioned trucker stops, small restaurant, etc and had a rack of used books for sale. I saw an entertaining one and read it on the way home.

Back home at last and then back to work this morning. It was absolutely roasting still. I had to walk to a meeting and took my parasol. It helped.

Next weekend, it's Fantasy Gamer Conclave! I need to go by and print out the pregen characters for Silverhex Chronicles.

I've finished tatting another two bracelets and started a third one.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"New" iPad

I found an iPad at a pawn shop. It cost as much as 16GB iPad Air but it has 128GB. On the downside, my restore from backup screwed up. On the bright side, I did find a back up to use. It's 11 months old but it's better than nothing.

I'm supposed to be running at a small con in Cary in two weeks. I think I should read the adventure. I downloaded it to my iPad today. It's a great con for charity and I always have fun.

I took some pictures of flowers after the recent round of storms. Aren't they lovely? It's great being able to take pictures again.

crepe myrtle

I went to visit mom this past weekend. I'm still trying to figure out how to copy VHS to DVD. I'm not sure why it didn't work. I'm going to try with my tape player tonight.

Edging report: 38" made...the end is in sight.

Now for a serious subject. Racial colorblindness:

When white people say "I'm colorblind" they are succumbing to a fallacy. I've done so myself, so I know whereof I speak. You mean, "I don't let someone's race influence me." But what we're really saying is, "I am unaware of my own privilege."

I was thinking of a co-worker today; this coworker is one I haven't seen more than a few times. I was trying to remember what this person looks like and the thought "oh, right, African-American, guess I'm colorblind." Then my second thought was, "that's stupid. There's no such thing," and I analyzed that.

Because I'm white, I don't have to think about race. Society treats me as the default. Ignoring someone else's race isn't giving them equal treatment. It's erasing their identity and their experiences. I can go to almost any store and get appropriate hair products. An African-American woman looks in the 'ethnic' aisle. If the stores aren't colorblind, how can I be?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Happy US Independence Day

to fellow residents in the US. For those who live elsewhere, I hope you had a good early July weekend.

I spent the weekend with friends and had a very laid back weekend. My attempt to get a replacement iPad has failed. I have other places/things to try but it's very frustrating. 

My uses for iPad: take pictures of letters before I send them, so I have a record of what I wrote and what I included; keep to do list; list of books to find; list of things to look up; and check my social networks.

Our dryer is not drying as quickly. Apparently our hose repair was not as effective as we thought. Time to do some more cutting and shifting, perhaps.

Edging report: 34"

Is anyone interested in what books I've read in the past week? I used to do that, with links to the books on Amazon or the author's website.

Someone I knew a long time ago was looking for someone else and found a mention of him on my blog, in a post from 2004. She contacted me to ask me for info about him and I had to tell her I don't remember much. My mom might remember more. I'll ask her. Anyway, I read a few posts from a decade ago and realized I almost never talk about what I'm wearing anymore and rarely talk about what I've been reading.

I found this blog, and the blogger provides mandalas to color. I've started coloring mandalas as a meditation technique. I have my crayon pencils in a bag and I pull them out at random, until the bag is empty. I return them to the bag and continue to draw.

And this blog is about notable women who disappeared from history.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Events two weeks ago in Charleston, SC

And the recent arson of historically black churches in the south

If you're wondering why I'm not saying anything, it's because I'm listening. All I can do is grieve with those who have suffered, and let their voices be heard.

Remember the names of those who we lost; let the name of the shooter be 'some asshole.'

  • Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd
  • Susie Jackson
  • Ethel Lee Lance
  • Depayne Middleton-Doctor
  • Clementa C. Pinckney
  • Tywanza Sanders 
  • Daniel Simmons
  • Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
  • Myra Thompson