Friday, March 02, 2012

March, in like a lamb

Really, yesterday felt like spring. Not even early spring. I didn't bother to wear a jacket and overall the day was just gorgeous.

Mom and I hit the thrift shops when I went to see her. I'm going to two weddings this year and my 'good' dress is black. Pretty, but not suitable. After looking and looking and trying on, we finally found something. Yes, I am a little picky about what I wear to events, just like I'm not picky on day to day wear. The dress we found is blush pink. It's not my favorite color but it looks good on me. The collar has a retro, 1950's look and the dress looks a little like a jacket and skirt. The collar is kind f boat neck and I'll need to check my undergarments. I also need to check my shawls to see what will work with the dress. Jackets won't.

I have a geek code (according to the test I'm 45.94096%)
i am a super geek