Friday, July 24, 2020

Social Media and staying social

I miss Google+, I had some real communities there. I've tried Pluspora but I lost my log in and my interest. I have an instagram account now. And I'm in a couple Discord communities. I've had twitter since practically the beginning but there's so much negativity (attacks, news, etc) that it's hard for me to use. I still sometimes pop in and check on people. Now I have a ko-fi account. I'd like to (someday, somehow) get enough money to buy a new iPad. My iPad's screen is cracked and it's old enough that it doesn't have the latest iOS and some apps won't update anymore.

I'm doing the 26 day racial equity journey with a friend and a friend of hers. We just finished the 2nd week. There's been some eye opening information, some expansion of information I already knew, some new to me viewpoints or aspects, and also review of information I know.

On Saturday I had a zoom meeting with the Palmetto Tatters' Guild. Since they can't meet in person they scheduled a zoom one. Considering their location, I can make the zoom one, unlike the physical meeting. I finished another bracelet during the meeting, using Martha's pastel 8:1 HDT, with silver seed beads this time. Due to the whole Empress thing, Tonya convinced me to get out my tiara and wear. She was wearing hers in my honor.

I'm using the same thread to make some edging for my other masks.

I also ordered a Goulet pen, with converter, and a pack of ink samples. It writes very smoothly. The nib is a tiny bit bigger than my (Monza) pen's fine nib. So far I have the included ink cartridge (blue black ink) in it and I haven't tried the samples yet. I had to find my pen/ink sample notebook. Keeping track of colors, names, and brands will help me in the future.

I have started the 3rd round & 4th of Coronavirus doily. I ran out of shuttle thread on the 3rd round, so I had to pull some yards from the ball and wind it on a shuttle, so I could reload the ring shuttle. I'm about to run out on the ring shuttle again, but the 4th round is all chains, so we'll see how long it lasts.

I don't know what I had done with the thread for the 3rd round so I had put it aside. I found the thread, and resumed work, in Lizbeth 10 Country Grape Dk. I'm thinking about donating it to the NC History Museum for the (future) Covid 19 exhibit. I contacted them about it, and I'm waiting to hear.
I wouldn't object to donating a mask, but I still need mine.
I played with a masked selfie

Friday, July 17, 2020

Still at home

I'm still staying home but I've bought masks to supplement the ones I've made. I've decorated anther one of my masks with tatting. I go back to work onsite in just over a week. I wanted enough to wear a different one every day.

I made a couple bracelets. One is with Martha Ess's pastel rainbow in size 10 (part of the dyeing experiment for Palmetto Tat Days). I used agate beads. I finished another one, but I'm blocking it so I don't have a photo.

Shuttle I ordered arrived. Isn't it pretty? On the bubble wrap that protected it.

I joined a drawing zoom class. Not bad for a mechanical pencil, huh?

Another storm today.