Friday, November 30, 2012

Look Ma! A Post!

Oh look, it's a post (see the additional picture at the end, added after Jane's comment)

Did you have a good ritual turkey day? I did. It was pretty quiet, ending with supper at my SO's parents' house. I spent Friday and Saturday playing Pathfinder games with friends. Well, Friday I ran a game and Saturday I played. Both games were sanctioned modules. For those of you not up on shared world RPG campaigns, that means they are published adventures that the game coordinators allow to count as part of the campaign.

And if you understood none of that. Don't worry, you don't have to. Just accept they were really long games.

I've been tatting a bracelet or two. And I made some butterflies for a co-worker (distantly) who is going into the hospital. Next to last time I saw her, she requested some for her hospital room but she didn't say how many. I tatted a shuttle plus worth and gave them to her the last time I saw her. I don't think she was expecting the number I handed her.

bracelet and ~matching earrings

I've been wanting to use that center bead for ages
 Oh, and I finished the hanky for my friend.

A good friend's mother died a couple weeks ago. It was both sudden, and not. She hasn't been in truly good health in some time, but still, I didn't think she was that sick. She took a turn for a worse, went into the hospital and passed quietly. This was right about the time I had a horrid cold and didn't dare visit. I haven't been able to be there for my friend like I would have liked to.

I have to give high props to zinc tablets. My coworkers, as a welcome-back-from-vacation present gave me a nasty cold. The sinus drainage started late Tuesday and I was miserable by Wednesday. I went to work anyway, because I had a training to go to. I started the zinc that night, canceled my plans for Wednesday and Thursday, called in sick on Thursday and kept my plans not to go to work on Friday. I canceled my plans to see my mom and sat around for three days, taking zinc and resting. By Saturday night, I was mostly recovered. I kept my Sunday plans and was back to work on Monday. I tried to catch another cold and fended it off with more zinc.

I managed to work another day in the community garden. Turning compost is a real workout, fyi. I have pictures! I took some and the director asked me to take more. She has a really nice camera. I took pictures of it, too. 
Uncovered bed

covered beds

compost piles
 We went to Savanna Georgia for a week. Here's a tip; if you go eat lunch at The Wilkes House, do not make supper plans. You might be able to manage a light snack later in the evening, but that's all. We visited Fort Jackson, the Railroad Museum, a few of the squares, River Walk, City Market, took a trolley tour and a ghost tour. May I say, Sorrel-Weed house? One of the creepiest places I've ever been.
Fort Jackson (designed by a West Point graduate from Wilmington NC)

It's a cannon!

spotted this fellow as we were leaving the fort
What a lovely thing to put under the stairs

Me and Johnny Mercer

Cotton Exchange, classic shot

Stationery steam engine

It's a train engine

Sorrel-Weed House: I have no idea what that pale spot is

I think it's a teenage ninja mutant turtle
And the cape I bought when the daytime temps stayed in the 50s with a cold wind