Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fair Is Over (picture heavy)

My blue ribbon entry
my competition

I know both tatters

Guess what material the dressmaker used
So fabulous

That's a lot of cathedral windows

CK did such a lovely job

CK's knitted work

size 80 thread

You don't see torchon very often

They didn't say, but it looks like bobbin lace

I think it's pretty

great quilting

I just liked this one

I noticed a pair of unclipped threads :headesk:

heavy competition

big enough for a toddler bed

One or two apples

rows of produce

That's a fun dollhouse
If this was my competition (earrings) I don't mind losing

1st place, birthday supper theme table decoration competition

antique centerpiece on handmade base

antique dishes

more antiques

hand carved wood candelabra


music box

late, last night

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Judging Is Done

I haven't seen my entries yet, but my fellow tatter CK has. And she took pictures.
no ribbon (experienced jewelry, beaded)

home furnishings

clothing, purchased item with tatted trim
Yes, I'm still squeeing a little.

I helped Anitra at her booth this weekend. It was a very busy weekend. Dad and Kathy came to visit briefly on Sunday. They brought me some tea, a scarf, and a picture of dad's grad from boot camp.

Gaming on Thursday. Our last game was cancelled, thanks to the GM's alternate plans; he went to see Neil Degrasse Tyson.

I'll be going to the fair on Friday. I won tickets from Go Triangle. I am using one and I gave the other to RG. I picked up a regular ticket for CD on Sunday.

I'll be helping Anitra again this weekend. I'll pick up my entries on Monday and see if CD won any ribbons on Friday. If he did, I'll pick up his ribbons, too.

I 'bout froze on Sunday. It was unseasonably cold and I was wearing my c. 1814 dress. Two layers of cotton, even with leggings and knit shawl, aren't very warm.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fair Entries, etc

This post is deliberately late. I am including pictures of my State Fair Entries and I don't want to have any judge to have to recuse her or himself. I know it's not likely, but still. They're getting judged Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm posting on Wednesday.

beanile earrings

scarf, with thread, beads, and shuttle

I won two tickets to the State Fair and hopefully they'll be here Friday or Saturday. I plan to go to the fair Friday the 23rd. Hopefully, I'll know whether I won a ribbon before then. And hopefully, I'll know about CD's entries, too.

This past weekend we played farther along in Wardens of the Reborn Forge. We had to get through one fight to finish off a section. It was not easy to get to that point but we finally did so. CD made spiced honey cake to take to gaming with us. It was sooooo good.

Sunday, we took my entries to the State Fair. The people at the entry tables were very nice, about my bobeches and my scarf/wrap. The women in Hobbies & Handicrafts were too busy. I got there about 15-20 minutes before the deadline, as were lots of other folks. They did have a lovely, black jewelry box I could use to display my earrings.

Monday was University Day. I took part in the procession, along with other administration and staff, non-academic. There was a passionate protest, regarding Silent Sam and its racist history. Interesting note; the 4 alumni being recognized as Distinguished this year are women.
crowd standing


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another late one

It's been a long week.

Here are so me pictures.
Anyone know what this is?

wildflowers in a parking lot verge

snowflakes for family reunion

raindrops on an umbrella