Monday, April 30, 2007

Sight of the day: Cross Pattee tattoo (the one on the far left) between ankle & Achilles tendon on a young man's foot/ankle.

site of the day: worth 100 is a gallery of photo shop artists.

Contest of the day: Science Idol; enter a cartoon or vote for one.

fingernail update: Wearing the band aid salvaged the nail long enough that I could clip it this weekend without doing further injury to myself. That fingernail is now absurdly short. It's especially noticeable since the other nails are long enough to project beyond my fingertips.

books: Started Glossed and Found. Maybe I'll finish it at lunch.

tatting: Finished up the multi-color Lyn Morton flower that I started yesterday. Finished off the thread from the shuttle by doing two butterflies & about 4 flowers. Pulled out a spool of burgundy silk. I've done the central ring but I've run into trouble on the 1st set of chains. I need to play with the picots on the ring, they're playing games.

clothes: black loafers, socks & jeans with white polo (chain edging on collar & cuffs), Celtic knot earrings, small pendant & ring, hematite ring, & spoon ring with patronymic initial etched on it. It's from plateware so it turns my finger green. That's why I don't wear it often.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been said that I have a beak of a nose.

And others say that I'm a little batty

Seriously, it's cool stuff.

books: I finished The Dreamers series. I've read most of Eddings books so I was not surprised to see some familiar themes (& scenes). However, what I was not expecting was the repetition within the books. I didn't actually count but some scenes were repeated 3, 4, maybe 5 times as they were recounted from different points of view. When that happens once or twice, it's okay. It happened again & again, very rarely was the scene summarized. When the scene took place in an earlier book, I understood (then it's a recap), but in the same novel? Helloooo, I just read this scene 30 pages ago. I have not forgotten it. And while there are good points to the ending, it some ways it was a cop out. Overall, I enjoyed the series but I don't think that it's one that I will read again & again.

Today I read Blush with Death by India Ink. I was relieved to discover that this is a pen name & not something foisted on her by cruel parents. It's a pretty good mystery series. I have yet to try any of the recipes, though. I have the next book in the series, too. I'll probably read it tomorrow.

Harmony Hall: I had fun at Heritage Day. The weather was gorgeous & there was a steady crowd. The couple with the oxen were giving hay rides, plus there was a 'Civil War cavalry officer' there as well. Judy was at the other end of the porch making corn shuck dolls. Her husband kept us company, too. The chicken folks didn't come but someone did bring a goat. The candle maker was there & some women cooked hominy over a fire. It was pretty good. Lots of people took Squirrel's picture. She was quite cute in her outfit. Liz & I both had our picture taken a few times, too.

Almost as usual, I got lost on the way down there Friday night. I will not be taking that particular route again. I have adjusted my directions that I have saved. Maybe I'll be able to drive down in 2 hours next year. I would have been home in 2 hours this year but something disagreed me & I got stuck at a rest stop for an hour. Ick. I got home & collapsed into bed.

Music: Chris told me about a song called Bomshel Stomp. I think I want a copy. I'm interested enough that I'm going to look at other songs by this duo.

Tatting: I started some hen & chicks, thinking to trim my white shawl/fichu. However, I got tired of it & made another of Lyn Morton's 3d flowers, in white this time. I sold one that I had made in multi-color. I also sold some butterflies, three made per requested color. Since Judy was making corn shuck dolls, personalized with ribbons, trim, etc upon request; some of the kids decided that they wanted butterflies on their dolls. I only charged $.50 for the butterflies. I wish that I had had more to sell but maybe next year.

clothes: Yesterday it was my purple calico c.1810 dress & today it's t-shirt ('Cleansing of the Oytwood', grey with green letters), jeans, green socks & brown loafers. I'm wearing pretty much the same jewelry both days; Celtic knot ring, earrings, & small pendant, plus hematite ring & flower band. Today my hair is loose, yesterday I kept it under my tatted snood.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Memory, or lack thereof: I managed to not get much of anything done last night. I put the load of whites into the dryer. I found out where I had stopped on entering Reed's AR access in the Nyrond database, and entered a couple more AR's worth of access.

I did not: eat supper; iron my clothes for tomorrow; locate my c. 1780 outfit; find where I'd packed my fingerless gloves; look for my copy of Flitting Fingers. Guess what I'll be working on tonight. That's all before I leave for the coast.

wish list: My birthday is coming up. So I've started working on my wish list on Kaboodle.

bookshop: Bull's Head is moving back into their old quarters today. When I stopped by, before work, to pick up the next Dreamers book I got a look at it. It's looking good.

books: I am reading Games of Command & The Elder Gods: Bk 1 of the Dreamers. I waited to pick up the other 3 books in that series until I knew how I liked the first one.

clothes: blue 2005 NCAA men's basketball champs polo, navy slacks, brown belt, brown trouser socks, brown suede loafers, silver ladybug clip watch, blue Hungersite silicon bracelet, hematite ring, lapis flower ring, quartz pendants & moonstone pendant necklace, chainmail & silver rose earrings (Roundcon purchase), & ponytail.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fingernail: I didn't mention that the first thing I did when I arrived at work yesterday was rip a fingernail. I don't mean just a 'oh dear, I'll have to file that', I mean, 'ack, that's a spot of blood where the nail has tried to part from the nail bed'. It's a little sore but I immediately put (& kept) a band aid on it to keep it from getting worse. It won't actually heal, but maybe it will heal enough that I can clip the nail someday.

blood donation: I failed. My hemocrit was a full 3% too low. Then I suddenly realized why. I'm a post-puberty, pre-menopausal female & it happens once a month. For me, it started yesterday. Very bad timing.

Retail therapy: I indulged in some retail therapy. I needed the light bulbs, yes. The gel pens? Sort of. The children's cardboard books? At a dollar, it's nice to have some small children's presents on hand. The doll? It's perfect for Kelly's baby (fingers crossed, due any day now). The shoes? The ballet slipper type go with gauze skirts better than loafers do (I'm wearing them today). The document holder? It was $1 & even if it doesn't hold the steel sqwire spell templates better than the other holder does, maybe it will hold those 'campaign documention' stuff I need for LG.

Books: I finally read Framed in Lace (I've had it for months). In this one, the important clue was bobbin lace. They also mentioned tatting, knitted lace & crocheted lace. Very nice. I also read vol 1 of Shugo Charra!.

Tatting: Saturday I'll be at Harmony Hall doing a Historical Demo. I need to find my copy of Flitting Fingers. I also need to check my clothes. I know where my c. 1810 outfit is but it desperately needs ironing (& maybe some febreze due to a laundry room accident). I need to know where my 1780ish outfit is, too. I should wear that; it's just so warm.

clothes: turquoise skirt (tiered, cotton), lighter turquoise net/crochet sweater over poly shell, black ballet slip-ons, moonstone ring, hematite ring, rainbow moonstone pendant but forgot the earrings. Hair is loose because I just didn't want to bother.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have a new toy to add to my template. Spam poison. Yay!

Dentist: Started the day with a dentist appointment. This is the 2nd reschedule but this time I was able to make it. I got my car fixed (April 6th - water pump - ick). We did all the x-rays, exams & stuff to plan my treatment. Not so fun but I didn't throw up and it only took an hour.

Podcasts: I listened to a bunch more of Carry's podcasts last night (they certainly beat anything that was on tv). I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm caught up.

books: Buso Renkin vol 5, Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib & What's a Ghoul to Do? by Victoria Laurie. There are more but those are recent & I remember them.

Tatting: I have finished the tatting for the brooches, now I need to do the fixtures part. Almost there. I also made a flower pin for my assistant. Today is her last day working for me.

clothes: black slacks, lilac polo (Carolina Ren Festival embroidered in white), black & crystal bead bracelet, silver dome ring, hematite ring, purple Czech crystal earrings, small black labradorite pendant & my hair up in a ponytail/bun. That's affixed with a butterfly hair stick w/ pink crystals in the wings. (Note: spell the ruddy stone right if you want to find it on a search).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Being unable to get any of my posts to show has really made me reluctant to bother. But I saw this news article & had to post it.

1944 Miss America stops an intruder

books: Mamotte Lollipop vol 1, Chibi Vampire vols 2 & 3, Tactics vol 1, Millennium Snow vol 1, and a host of others (I haven't been keeping track).

today's outfit: denim skirt, crochet blouse (over white knit tank), brown suede loafers, lapis flower ring, hematite ring (finally replaced it at Roundcon), blue & brassy earring, quartz pendant & moonstone in Celtic knots pendant necklace. I have my hair parted on the side & a braid to help keep that way (no elastic of right side so it keeps coming unbraided).

Monday, April 09, 2007

Gaming Ahoy! We did two zero rounds this weekend to prep for Roundcon & we have one more to go. Then it's do laundry & pack for the con. We travel down on Thursday (taking Mike with us).

whoops, gotta go.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

blog issues: In case it's not obvious (& it probably won't be for 2 reasons: no one else reads this & you can't see something's that not there), I'm having posting problems. I haven't been able to get a post to go up since Friday. Monday's post was a little long but Tuesday's was really short. Neither one will post. I'll keep trying.

movies: I watched Only Angels Have Wings on TCM last night. There was nothing else that really drew me & it's a Cary Grant movie after all.

books: I'm still reading All Hallows' Evil. I'm about half-way through it.

clothes: Another warm day but they said it was supposed to cool off & get breezy this afternoon, so I packed a light shirt/jacket (black). White polo with crochet chain edging collar & cuffs (quasi-lace like), black slacks, black belt with gold tone buckle (it's larger than the other one), black socks & loafers. For jewelry it's my silver harp pendant (Nadia's), Celtic knot earrings, black stone ring, & dragon band. I'm still trying to re-train my hair for a side part so I did the side braid again today.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gaming: We played Freak of Nature last night, all 5 of us (plus Doug as GM). I played Zavin, my druid. We ended late enough that I didn't do more than sign the AR & do the quick math (experience, cost of living, etc). I did remember to re-set my alarm clock, just as I was falling asleep.

A lot of earthworms this morning were out & about. Does that mean that we're going to get some rain? We really need it, if only to wash some of the pollen away. It's certainly supposed to get warm today.

I manage to get something in my eye this morning. I almost think that I've washed it out & then it seems like I feel it again.

clothes: plaid texture white cotton blouse, black slacks & belt, black trouser socks, black sequin/bead flats, white shell earrings (almost nacre-like), flower fairy pendant, flower band ring, ~rope band ring & side braid in my hair (opposite side part). I'm still tired & didn't feel like putting a lot of thought into what I'm wearing today.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Panic of the day: My alarm clock reset for the time change & I didn't realize it. So I woke up at '7:45 am' & absolutely freaked. I realized that I couldn't catch any bus earlier than 8:30 & I'd be an hour late for work. Then, as I rushed downstairs to call my boss, I saw the clock on the stove: 6:56 am. Whew. What a relief. I still forgot to pack my leftovers for my lunch, though.

Sad news of the day: Tsunami in the Solomons

YouTube of the day: chicken-fried bacon strips

sight of the day: bracelet made from pop tops. It's a double row of overlapping pop tops on elastic cord.

Last night it was the sight of the 'snow' underneath our Bradford pear. The rain had caused the tree to shed a literal carpet of white petals.

gaming: We've finished the 1st two parts of Red Hand of Doom. Started about 10 am on Saturday, played 'til late. Started again by about noon on Sunday & stopped about 8 pm. We have 3 clerics & that's a good thing. One is a healing cleric, one is a buffing cleric & one is a damage dealing cleric. That's kept my barbarian, the only front-line fighter, alive. As it is, one of the clerics died.

The rogue bought a deep hound (large mount/fighter) to help for the 2nd part. That's been a big help. Even if the hound never actually does damage (which he does), just having another body there to take the hits makes a huge difference. It's a very well-written mod overall but the last encounter that we had predicates a certain pattern of behavior that seems, well, foolish. I can't go into detail, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who plans to play it themselves.

Tonight we're playing Freak of Nature; another zero round.

books: I read The Woman at Belguardo, one of the books from the sale last week. With all the gaming, I haven't had time to read anything else.
I only finished that today. Next I'm starting An Old Faithful Murder. There were several books by this author at the sale so I hope that they're good. After that, I'll probably read All Hallows' Evil, the next book.

Radio show: I finally finished listening to episode 17 of The Scarlet Queen. I only needed about another 5 minutes, but first I had to listen to the 1st 20 or so, again.

tatting: I just made more butterflies. As soon as I've emptied this shuttle, I'll start on the next brooch.

clothes: This weekend it was t-shirts & jeans. It was remarkably warmer than I thought it was going to be, so I never needed my jacket. Today it's black slacks, socks & loafers, green/black Harrington Steading polo, black belt (w/ silver tone buckle), quartz feather pendant, feather & quartz chip earrings, flower band ring & loose hair. I still have it in a side part, too.