Sunday, April 07, 2024

Fiber Arts and Food

The danger of visiting the craft store, twice. They had beads on sale, and buttons (2-hole, so I didn't get many of those). I've been working on Beaded Path by Marilee Rockley from her book Tatting with Beads Jewelry. Alas, I put the beads I'm using somewhere safe and now I can't find them.
the thread is crochet cotton, I think the color is called Pinstripe. It's a nice ombre black/grey. I'm using black beads (see sale I mentioned).
C made this for a friend's birthday grill party. DR has a house too small for everyone he wants to invite, so he rents a picnic shelter and we grill and talk. This is the dessert C made. He said it took 15 minutes; marscapone and creme fresh, berries, more marscapone and creme fresh, with a touch of honey, then muddle and heat berries with honey and lime to pour on top. I'm really hoping he's going to make it again.
Buttercups for spring
C asked me to mend his hoodie. It's his emergency 'need to grab something' jacket he keeps in the car. The sleeve seams and cuffs had holes to I did a quick mend with crochet cotton. Yes, it's very visible but he doesn't care and it was quick.
I finally finished the 2nd Fandango and sewed both of them on my scarf to cover the darning.
I have now done 2 weaving something on my mini weaing frame.

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