Friday, August 14, 2020

What's was lost is found

 I called the lost and found on Monday again and my phone had been turned in! Unfortunately, thanks to people working remotely (not that I blame them, cause fewer people on site means less exposure for everyone) the office closes at 4:30. To get there before they closed, I had to leave work before 3:30 on Tuesday. And I just made it. The office that was open was not in the main building, and I had to walk around to find it. It was a trifle (understatement) warm, but not record breaking, thankfully.

I've been a bit scattered though. I've made 2 mistakes on my edging and had to cut thread. Then I found an error from early on. I'm not going to cut it out, yet. We'll see if I get done early enough to redo that part. I should. If I stop making mistakes. 

I didn't have any leftovers to pack for lunch during the 1st part of the week, so I bought lunch. I had Med Deli on Monday and CholaNad (Indian) on Tuesday and Sushinara on Wednesday. That's watermelon, hummus, and cheese tortellini (and pita) on Monday. Tuesday was chicken tikka masala, vegan channa masala, gulab jamun, and naan, with bismati rice. And teriyaki beef with steamed broccoli and rice. Not cheap, but oh so tasty. Due to the restrictions, I had to order my food to go and then went and ate in my office again. 

I successfully donated platelets on Wednesday. Because they're limiting the number of people in the room at any one time, they spread out the donation day. My appointment was at 5:45 pm and I got done at 8:30. I watched The Thin Man while I donated. 

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